“Friends with Kids” poster: a study in ear obsessions, blank stares, and wax figures

Check out the poster for the new Jennifer Westfeldt movie Friends with Kids. 

1) This is like one of those group prom photos where everybody’s parents were snapping pictures at the same time so NO ONE is looking in the same direction.

2) Apparently Kristen Wiig was not available for this shoot so they subbed in her wax figure.  I don’t even think she’s famous enough to warrant a wax replica – and I feel like it would only be fair for the Target Lady to get one first.

3) Maya Rudolph is trying so hard to hide it but I can still see it on her face: someone just farted. She doesn’t know who it was yet, but dammit if it doesn’t smell like hell.

4) If the men could just shift their focus OFF of the women’s ears for one second I think that’d really improve the shot.  Yeah, Chris O’Dowd and Jon Hamm look adorably tickled by Rudolph and Westfeldt’s ears, respectively, but Adam Scott just looks like he’s consumed with schadenfreude over the wax that is melting off of Kristen’s.

5) What is Westfeldt doing with her right hand? That area is so overexposed I can’t even tell if she’s about to sample the icing off a cake or if that white thing is just a blob of mashed potatoes on the table that she enjoys rubbing between her fingers.

So based on the poster it looks like this movie is about a group of friends that is collectively attractive, tan, alcoholic, and not at all interested in looking in similar directions. Oh and at least some of them have kids.

Target Portrait Studios are giving babies bad body image!!

Please click on the photo for improved eyebrow definition.


Remember when you were a baby and you had those amazing eyebrows that only Michelle Obama’s could rival?  And a face so expressive it could give strangers chills?  Remember when your elbows were strong enough to hold up your floppy, not-yet-muscularly-developed head and neck?

Also his butt looks big.