James Franco is now single! (FINALLY there are no obstacles between us)

Apparently, James Franco is single and living in Baltimore, Maryland. Not only that, but LADIES!!! He is listed on eHarmony so you should definitely sign up for eHarmony so you can MEET and DATE JAMES FRANCO.

DO IT. Join eHarmony. Because you’ll get to date guys like James Franco. And definitely not divorced forty-eight year olds.

Facebook is so buggy

I tried to delete a photo and a message came up: “The server is unsure of how to respond.”

Um…okay? What am I supposed to do, rub the server’s back and tell it not to stress out?  Its electronic = no brain.  If it is “unsure” of how to respond (as if it has a possible response in mind but doesn’t know how I would take it) then it needs to just grow a pair and tell me “ERROR.”  Stop beating around the bush and fail like a man!   <—- that sounds strangely “anti-men.” I can assure you that I am truly just frustrated with Facebook right now and this is not a thinly-veiled emotional outburst brought on by a man recently disappointing me.

If that were the case I would be confident enough to just say “Error.”