Do you have three arms, live alone, and love to cook?

Oh that Nancy Creech!  She had me thinking I was going to be looking at recipes for that special someone in my life (i.e. my lover) but instead she meant ME! What a gal.

Look at that place setting. Someone must have also read Setting a Table When You’re in a Relationship*

*With Yourself, Because Who Else Could Possibly Love You?**

**I Mean Just Look at the Way You Eat Pasta. Slow Down Rachel Ray!

This book will make you wanna skate like its 1988

Go ahead and throw all your in-line skating books away – the information has finally been consolidated.


“Joyner is a skate evangelist, in every sense of the word.”

Fired from his desk job, Steve quickly realized he had better just get passionate about something...and now wasn’t the time to be choosy!

“After his first book, The Joy of Walking, Steve Joyner realized he wasn’t “getting there” fast enough, so he took up in-line skating.”

Steve mastered walking but quickly grew bored! He began to look for a more challenging method of locomotion.  Crab-walking helped him “get there” (if you know what we mean….heh heh) but wasn’t challenging enough.  In-line skating was the next obvious choice.

“Joyner covers all aspects of the sport with infectious enthusiasm and in complete and careful detail.”

Steve’s eagerness will infect you like a disease you’d rather not tell your family about.