Writers block

I’ve heard it a million times.

“If you can’t think of anything to write about…just keep writing.”

It sounds nice of course. But my ignoring this rule has saved my readers (the tight knit group of about 4 that they are) from a lot of boring, weird posts. Or who knows? They may have been brilliant.

My point is, I haven’t been writing because I haven’t been trying hard enough. And that is going to stop. Its not like I don’t have the free time.

UPDATE: in the twenty minutes or so since I originally posted this, I have accidentally published two drafts that were then emailed out to my tiny clan of followers (shout out to the gang!).  I don’t know  why I’m hitting the enter key like it says “FREE CHOCOLATE PRESS HERE QUICK” but I feel so new around here. Also when did pressing “enter” substitute for having to click the “Publish” button twice?  I needed that safety net!  It’s bad enough when I prematurely send a Facebook chat message that I was oh-so-carefully crafting – I can only imagine how much worse it could get with the shear amount of space I have in this box. I’m imaging myself accidentally copying and pasting old diary entries in here, or awkward attempts at playwriting, or unflattering photos.

Oh wait I’ve already done all that.