Here’s how to write a song with a completely clichéd ending

Recently a very good musician friend of mine (good friend or good musician? That’s for me to know, him to wonder, and for you to probably never care about) pointed out to me that too many songs end something like this:

“I’m desperate and need to see you…” / “I’m going to do something to change my life…” / “I’m making this promise to you…” / “We’re going to do it(!)…” / “I’m anticipating major gang activity…”

….[dramatic pause]….


Everyone from Neon Trees to Toby Keith to Vanessa Carlton to Elton John has done this. Guys, they all have, like, very time sensitive things to say, okay?  But besides that, “tonight” just sounds super dramatic, urgent, and most importantly, way less creepy than “now.”  *

But don’t take my word for it!

Seriously, listen to these songs but imagine the singer saying “now” at the end instead of “tonight.” Suddenly they all seem like very unbalanced people. **

** I mean like more so than before.


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