I can’t think of a title CAUSE ALL I WANT IS SOME POPCORN

Like: Microwaves that have a popcorn setting and the resulting ability to perfectly pop a bag of popcorn for me myself and I and my friends.  I don’t know why but somehow there is a huge difference between me pressing “POPCORN” (and the microwave automatically running itself for 3 minutes) and me manually entering “TIME,” “3 MINUTES,” “START.”  And that difference once ended in a small fire.

Dislike: The fact that commercials for movies now only say “Available on Blu-ray.”   HEY.   You and I both know that your crappy movie is also available on DVD – don’t even TRY TO PRETEND that it’s not.  I am not buying a Blu-ray player anytime soon (or probably ever).  I still own VHS tapes. Give me a couple more years to mourn the loss of that technology.

Basically, give me a bag of 97% fat-free kettle corn and my VHS  copy of North and I’ll be good for the afternoon.

Or at least like twenty minutes.


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