I’m always right on the cusp of video game trends (of 15 years ago)

After a four month long struggle and about eighty fights with my bossy 6 year old brother I finally beat Super Mario 64. I’ve had the game since I was like 8 or something but could never get my shit together enough to beat it until now. So thank you college for somehow making me better at Nintendo and helping me to gain respect from my little brother. OR SO I THOUGHT!

Because the exact same day that I beat the game my brother got Super Mario for his Nintendo DS. This was our conversation.

Me: Oh my god! Samuel!! I finally won Super Mario, look!


Me: SAMUEL. You have been asking me every day to play this game and win stars. LOOK. I have won the game and ALL. OF. THE. STARS.

Samuel: ….I got a new game for my DS. Will you win stars for me?

But I am no good at DS because I have fat fingers as well as a hint of carpal tunnel. I kept making excuses to Samuel for why I couldn’t play his new game and eventually he moved on. But I found that I missed playing Nintendo 64 so I looked through the other games that we had. I’d already mastered Mario Kart. Mario Party gets boring. I always hated that dumb Wave Race game and I didn’t know where the hell our Superman game came from but I had about as much interest in playing it as I did in seeking an alternate form of entertainment that was non-electronic.

Then I found this game:

So basically that is what I’ll be doing today.

2 Comments on “I’m always right on the cusp of video game trends (of 15 years ago)”

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