After listening to Air Supply on repeat for like thirty minutes

I do not know much about the Australian duo Air Supply other than the fact that their hit “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” is the epitome of a power ballad. It would be easy to say that listening to this song five times in a row was out of my control or even “lol i was so lazy i didnt feel like turning off repeat” but in fact my actions were quite intentional.  This song is like musical crack to me.

Russell Hitchcock, the lead singer and only non-Dave Coulier lookalike member of Air Supply, begins the song by enumerating the many things he is capable of, including but not limited to whispering, crying, scheming, and dreaming.  Lest you find that bag of tricks unimpressive, Russel also knows:

“Where to find the answers”


“how to lie”



“where to touch you”


and “the name of the game.”

But Russell Hitchcock is only human and there is one thing that even he does not know:

how to make love out of nothing at all.


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