Summer 2010: a retrospective journey

When I think back to this past summer in New York and how desperately I wanted to finish my internship and get back home I feel the biggest sense of relief that I’m not there anymore. Like literally this feeling of contentment washes over me and I bask in it for a second. So.  It’s really confusing when I visit and I feel like I can’t wait to live there again. But I try to remember that my ten week stay in the city:

1) Was without air conditioning.

2) Happened during a summer heat wave that felt like a free trip to hell.

3) Included an internship that was cool and sometimes interesting but still rather monotonous and made me realize that I absolutely can not sit at a desk all day (unless they want to pay me to be on Facebook and YouTube).

4) Included fellow interns at the internship who were  some of the most grating personalities I have ever come in contact with.

a) If you announce at the end of every lunch that you want a sundae/chocolate/raspberries covered in whip cream/the other half of my sandwich then its time to start eating more than a salad. Chase some of those cravings why don’t ya (except get your own damn sandwich).

b) “I like hummus but I hate chickpeas. Isn’t that weird?” ← not interesting at all. Do not say stuff like that.

5) Had me enjoying a mandatory meal plan that forced me to eat nothing but Dunkin Donuts on the weekends.

6) Included 3 out of 4 roommates that were either never there (2) or psychotic/whiney (1) – I can’t decide which trait I hated more SIKE IT WAS THE WHINING.

7) Was without any of my friends or family there for more than three days. Lonely. And that it just a testament to how awesome they all are.


I am sure that I want to live in New York again. I think as long as at least one of these things isn’t true the second time around it will go much better.


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